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 For the purposes of this community "inter-generational relationships" refers to the love between partners of a relationship whose ages are separated by a significant number of years.   Depending upon the age of the younger partner the number of years between ages might be as few as 10.  It is not intended that we be confused with "man-boy love" which may carry different connotations within other circles of interest.  

One of the issues that older men face when seeking the companionship of younger men is that of the age-old "hustle".  As many of us know, there are young predators out there who look to older guys as being "sugar-daddies"; someone to house them, feed them, provide transportation and money in exchange for rudimentary sex.  In certain instances this type of arrangement can work to the advantage of both parties if the conditions are recognized and feed each persons needs.

My First Inter-gen Love

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 Inter-generational couples can be a controversial topic both inside and from without the gay community.  For us who have been created gay and are excited at the prospect of pairing with either someone older, or someone younger, there is no conflict.  Our own wisdom and life experiences guide us, but we should never close our minds to constructive comments from others.

For historical and mythological information relating to inter-generational love there is a wealth of interest on the website of  the Androphile Gay History Project (www.androhile.org).  You will find the the user pics for both this community and my LJ journal have been borrowed from that web site.

I sincerely hope that we will all feel at home in this community and find an outlet for thoughts, experiences, and even suppressed emotions.  We should all become supportive friends here.  You are invited to join us and to share.